Frequently Asked Questions







Q. How long has your company been in business and how experienced are your disc jockeys performing weddings?
A. The owner of Event Entertainment has been in the dj business over 25 years. Make sure to hire an experienced professional Dj to host a wedding celebration. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE with a "once in a lifetime" event. A less experienced Dj may be adequate for less formal events and might not have the experience to handle all situations involved with a wedding. All of our Djs have at least 10 years (wedding) experience and some of them have over 25 years.
Q. Do you provide a written contract for your services?
A. This should be YES without exception! Never take their word for it. Get it in writing!
Q. May I see a specific dj perform at a wedding reception?
A. This answer is respectfully NO. Should your DJ allow a stranger to "pop-in" and watch even a few minutes of your big day and give the impression that they care more about the "next sale" rather than the party in front of them?  However we do allow potential clients to visit our djs at a pre-approved function such as a bull roast, night club etc or possibly set up early at an event before it starts to meet with you.
Q. How much does Event Entertainment charge?
A. Look for value for your entertainment dollar. Human jukeboxes will always charge less than Entertainers and/or helpful planners. In Maryland / DC, prices range from $350 for "human jukeboxes" to $2000 and higher for the cream of the crop Entertainers. Our all inclusive prices start at $995 for 5 hours and include a remote sound system if needed for the ceremony or cocktail. We have promotional discounts at certain times of the year and offer discounts to military and service professionals. Fill out our
Online Quote Form for an exact price. Please read our article WHY THE LOWEST PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS YOUR BEST OPTION! It could save your event!! These are actual stories from Brides and Grooms who looked for the lowest price!!
Q. What is the difference between Event Entertainment and some of the other DJ Companies?
A. We feel like there are a lot of excellent DJ companies in the area and some of them charge $1500 - $2000 for the same service we offer for $995. We have a top notch staff of talented, experienced deejays that are dependable. We are customer service oriented meaning we answer emails and phone calls quickly and pay attention to details. Our deejays use the best sound equipment available.  We have over 100 reviews on Wedding Wire and a 4.9 rating. The ONLY difference between us and them is the price.
Q. Does Event Entertainment have references?
A. A list of references should be made available to you from any experienced Disc Jockey company. This is a great way to be sure you have selected the best musical host for your celebration or event. If a DJ is reluctant to provide references, chances are they do not have any or they do not want you to learn about their lack of professional skills. After each event, we email an evaluation form or one will be available within your online planning tools area. We also have over 100 reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot.
Q. Is Event Entertainment a member of any local or national disc jockey organizations?
A. Yes. We are members of A.D.J.A (American Disc Jockey Association).
Q. Are the djs limited to only 4 or 5 Hours because they might have another wedding?
A. During peak wedding season rarely we book more that 1 job per dj on any given Saturday and in 98% of the cases the dj will extend their time upon request. If you are thinking about extending the event the day of, we recommend to check with your deejay before the wedding.
Q. How early will the dj arrive prior to a wedding reception?
A. Arrival time is generally 60-90 minutes prior and setup is complete before the stated contract time. Djs normally need 15-20 minutes to set up and perform a sound check. Our deejays are instructed to arrive a minimum 1 hour prior in case of a traffic or setup issue. If 2 systems are required then the setup time arrival is 90 minutes before the start time.
Q. What does the dj wear to a wedding reception?
A. The DJ will always dress in appropriate attire according to the event and the wishes of the client. For weddings our djs wear formal tuxedos or suits unless otherwise instructed.
Q. Will the DJ act as a Master of Ceremonies?
A. All of our djs are accomplished professional speakers and capable of acting as Master of Ceremonies. Some of our djs even have years of radio broadcasting experience. If you are having a wedding, you most likely want to make sure that your dj is comfortable on the microphone.
Q. Are you able to play continuous music?
A. Yes...the music never stops.
Q. How much music will the dj bring to the event?
A. This should be a significant amount with over 30,000 songs as a starting point. Most of our djs carry between 60,000 and 100,000 selections to every event. We subscribe to weekly Prime Cuts to ensure we have all of the latest music available. We also have a huge database of ethnic music that we have accumulated over the years.